A self-styled therapist gets more than he bargained for when he endeavors to help a troubled man shaken by a tragic loss in this tense independent thriller from producer/director Philippe Caland (who previously co-wrote and produced Jennifer Chambers Lynch’s Boxing Helena). Thomas Carter (Anthony Mackie) is a popular self-help author whose unique blend of spirituality and positivity has gained him a loyal fan base.

http://watchnonstoponlinefreeputlocker.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/tlerm4a.jpg?w=625One of those fans is disturbed New Orleans construction contractor Angel Sanchez (Forest Whitaker), whose deep-rooted anguish over the death of his mother has slowly spiraled into an all-consuming mental illness. Sanchez has grown convinced that Carter is his only hope for conquering the trauma of his past, but the prolific author repeatedly rejects his pleas for a private consultation until his brother Ben (Mike Epps) gets into a major financial bind.

Realizing that the consultation fee for helping Sanchez could solve all of his sibling’s problems, Carter finally arranges a meeting. But Sanchez is already too far gone, and when the arrogant life coach attempts to speedily solve his new client’s problems with a dismissive dose of New Age drivel, he finds himself held prisoner in an abandoned bomb shelter — where he will face the wrath of a tortured soul who can no longer distinguish right from wrong.

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